7 People With The Weirdest Names Ever

Try calling out these names in a crowded street.


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7 People With The Weirdest Names Ever


Names are something that people identify you with, and most of the time, it's given to you by your parents. Most people get rather mundane and normal names like George or Mary, whilst some people with creative parents get more exotic names. If you think your name is boring and want to start renaming yourself, perhaps you should consider what it would be like to live with some really far out names, like some of our friends down here:

1. His parents must be DC comic fans


2. This guy's parents obviously like cute animals

3. Wow, this guy definitely knew his career path the moment he was born

4. No breakfast is complete without some...


5. Did someone say dinosaurs?


6. You shall not passssss!


7. He must've worked very hard to overcome a name like that