20 Billion Wives Review

A simple clicker game. 

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20 Billion Wives Review

20 Billion wives was made by Masukachi Inc.

Clicker games are simple. First you tap at the top half of the screen to collect some "love". You then use "love" to "marry" wives. Married wives will then start generating "love" without you needing to do anything.

The fun of the game comes in discovering what is there in the game to discover. There's also an element of management as you invest your "love" into leveling your "wives" for the most "love" generation per second.

There's a total of 16 wives. And the 3rd last appeared to be a wife in a costume.

There are achievements in the game, and when you have completed all the achievements, you've won the game and is rewarded with an illustration.

You can also upgrade your 'taps' to give more love per tap, and you can use passive buffs. Passive duration buffs can also be purchased in the store.



Yes, that's it. There's nothing much in this game. It's a simple clicker game, collect love, unlock wives, get a picture. Enjoyable for an afternoon. You won't get nightmares, but is lacking in a lot of features.

Try out "a girl Adrift" if you are looking for an idle clicker. 

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