2017 The God of Highschool Mini Review

Kick, punch! It's all in the mind. A beat em up here, you'll find.

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2017 The God of Highschool Mini Review

Score: 7/10


  • Beat em up gameplay
  • Actual jump attacks
  • Amazing looking art
  • Action Cinematic
  • Comic cinematic.
  • Follows story faithfully.
  • Progression
  • Multiple dungeon modes to run


  • Passive skills are Gems purchasable only. 

This game is perhaps one of the nicest looking game I've seen in a long time. Just check out the story cinematic and the in game ultimate skill cut scenes.



Taking the story from a manga called The god of highschool, the 2017 game is certainly amazing in its presentation.

Gameplay is simplistic. You hold down the attack button to combo attack. You have two skills that require MP, and an ultimate skill that also requires mp. You can carry 2 other teammates which you can freely switch between, and 3 helpers that will help you out for 20 seconds. You can also bring along a friend's leader to help you out at your request for 20 seconds.

And that's it, gameplay mostly consists of double tapping the arrows to dodge, and attacking enemies with normal and actives. Every so often, a boss will appear whom you have to beat up.


There's a lot of things to see in the game, with multiple story dungeons, daily dungeons, and managing the stats of your heroes. All throughout, you will be enjoying comic cutscenes which succeeded in conveying the humor of the series to the players. A lot of love has been given to the presentation. 

However, this game does have a point which I frown upon. There are player skills in the game, which works to give all your characters additional stats. At the branching paths, you can only pick one of the two skills, which means if you wish to utilize those skills, you have to buy a "player skill page". Everything in this menu costs gems.


A mobile gacha rpg with beat em up. Another avenue to enjoy the "God of highschool" story. I'll give it a recomendation, though only time will tell if it's going to be heavily pay to win.

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