3 Ways Pokken breaks the rules of Pokemon

 As a game in the Pokemon franchise, it's surprising these rules are broken.

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3 Ways Pokken breaks the rules of Pokemon

1) Pokemon types do not matter

In this scenario, Pikachu wouldn't last more than two attacks from Machamp. Yet, somehow, Pikachu is only damaged by a marginal amount in Pokken.

2) Pokemon knows more than 4 moves

Image via Serebii

In canon, Pokemon are only able to learn up to 4 moves. However, here in Pokken, Suicune alone knows six different attacks not including its ultimate "True sheer cold". 

3) Support Pokemon are utilized

Pokemon battles are done in a 1 vs 1 manner. Sometimes, dual battles and tripple battles are also authorized, but most of the time, it is a 1 on 1 match. So why does Pokken feature support pokemon that enters the battlefield, explodes, and leaves soon after? These support pokemon don't even have HP.

Cover Image via Youtube

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