5 Amazing Mobile Rhythm Games

For the passionate musician in you.

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5 Amazing Mobile Rhythm Games

Rhythm games are very popular in arcades, and you can see people experiencing them by dancing, beating drums and playing air guitars. There are many mobile games that are rhythm based too, but this can take various forms.

Some of these mobile rhythm games require you to control other characters while they move to the beat, while others depend on you to choreograph dances to the beats. Whatever form it takes, you'll definitely have lots of fun.


1. Lanota

Made by Noxy Games, this story driven game requires you to tap on a disc and catch markers to play out songs that will move the story forward. AweApps prepared a quick review of Lanota.


2. Lethe

Lethe's challenge comes from the fact that rhythm markers can appear anywhere on screen, and sometimes you'll be required to swipe as well as tap.


3. Voez

With a sweet and simple storyline, Voez offers an overall uplifting experience with cheerful songs all the way through.


4. Deemo

With over 40 impressive tracks, this anime style game features a touching story that may make you shed a tear or two. The music is very acoustic driven and meant to make you feel the emotions in game deeply.


5. Zyon

For those that love EDM (Electronic Dance Music), this is the rhythm game to pick. Each song is hosted by a unique anime character that's well designed and embodies the songs.


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