5 Awesome Strategy Games to Conquer on Mobile

Unleash your inner strategist and gain victory.

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5 Awesome Strategy Games to Conquer on Mobile

If you're the type that like games where you have to do a bit more thinking and contemplating, then strategy games are definitely for you. Just like a game of chess, you'll have to calculate your next move well if you want to get through in one piece, and achieve your goal at the same time.

Here are some of the coolest strategy games for mobile that will give you hours of fun:

1) Invisible Inc

In this turn based strategy, you have to lead an undercover team to recover data and other items from large corporations, one step at a time.


2) Legends of Callasia

Take charge of a fictional fantasy kingdom and build up power and influence, eventually controlling all parts of the land, using your heroes as tools.


3) Line of Defense Tactics

In this game, you direct a team of space marines on various missions, with surprise combat encounters in real time.


4) Plague Inc

Engineer a deadly disease that will wipe out all of humanity, while out pacing the scientists looking for a cure.


5) Civilizations Revolution 2

Sid Meier's iconic game is now on mobile in a more compact form, but you'll find many of the classic gameplay elements still in place.


Cover image via Civilization Wiki

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