5 Common Situations You'll See in Every School Anime

Tropes that characterize a school anime.

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5 Common Situations You'll See in Every School Anime

In any anime series that involves a group of characters in a school, whether it's about club members investigating mysteries (like in Haruhi Suzumiya) or friends getting into weird and funny situations (like in Nichijou), you'll find some situations that pop up ever so often.

Here are some of the best and most recognizable.


1. Meeting on the Roof

It's pretty common for the main protagonists and their friends to meet on the roof to have important conversations. Somehow none of their other schoolmates feel a need to use the roof whenever the main characters are up there. Makes you wonder whether there's a roster or schedule or something where you pre-book the place.

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2. Obligatory Summer Trip to the Beach or Hot Springs

Whenever any school anime reached the summer break arc, there's always a group holiday to the sea or to an Onsen (Hot Springs). Usually there's a lot of fun activities and the plot gets moved along by some dramatic incident, like someone saving someone else from drowning.

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3. The protagonist sits by the corner near the window

The main character and his or her companions are almost always portrayed sitting at the corner of class nearest the windows. Apparently this has something to do with cutting the animation costs down as windows are easier to draw than background students.

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4. When a character is late, they run with toasts in their mouths

For some reason, whenever someone is late for school in an anime, they run with a piece of toast in their mouth in order to beat the bell. It's a common way of saying that they're too careless and didn't have time for a proper breakfast. Somehow the toast will magically disappear by the time they reach school. 

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5. Everyone belongs to a unique club

If every school anime is to be believed, Japanese students really love their after school clubs and will do anything to keep it alive. We've seen clubs that investigate aliens, create games, play light pop music, perform various tasks for fellow students and even play cupid by matching people up. All these clubs seem incredibly fun and we wish we had them in our schools too.

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