5 Engaging Interactive Novel Games That Will Transport You Away

A new way to read books.

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5 Engaging Interactive Novel Games That Will Transport You Away

Many of us enjoy a good book while curled up is a cozy corner on a rainy day, but studies have shown that books are fast beginning to lose their appeal. Whether you're an avid reader or not, there are new ways to enjoy stories that are innovative and fun. 

Nowadays, you can experience story-telling through the medium of interactive gaming, where you can actually play a part in how the story goes. These interactive games require you to push the story along, either by making choices or by other mechanisms. These are some of the more interesting titles to check out:


1. A Study in Steampunk:Choice by Gaslight

Inspired by the classic mysteries and thrillers of Sherlock Holmes, this game has you playing the sidekick of a detective that has to work hard to prevent your country from engaging in war.


2. Gamebook Adventures: An Assassin in Orlandes

Embark on a mystery of a lifetime when you find yourself in Orlandes, a city where the nobles are being murdered by a sinister assassin. Can you find out the assassin's identity in time?


3. Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

Engage in battles, move around the map, form spells and much more while navigating the fantasy world based on Steve Jackson's books.


4. Trial of the Clone

Another of Tin Man's masterpiece in the Gamebook Adventures series, this story is a hilarious tale about how a clone goes on a journey to discover a higher purpose to his existence.


5. Necklace of Skulls

Enter a fantasy world based on the Mayan Culture, where you'll have to leave the comfort of home and get to the bottom of a mysterious threat.


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