5 Family Friendly Action Games For Some Wholesome Fun

Action games that are kid and adult friendly.

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5 Family Friendly Action Games For Some Wholesome Fun

Action games are aplenty in the mobile gaming sphere, but which ones are family friendly? Perhaps you yourself don't fancy too much blood, gore and violence. Here we list some of the action games that are relatively family friendly.

1) Greg Hasting's Paintball: Fields of Battle

The only bullets featured in this game are made of paint, and the lack of blood and death makes this title very family friendly and suitable for all ages. The 'battle' takes place on a paintball park, where no one actually gets hurt.


2) Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes

The Lego Batman game series is funny, witty and engaging. Join Batman and other DC superheroes while they stop various villains and save the planet.


3) Zombie Gunship Survival

This aerial shooting game takes place very far from the ground and is portrayed in black and white, meaning that there's no blood or gore to be seen, and relatively gentle compared to all the contemporary shooters out there.


4) Slugterra: Dark Waters

Slugterra is actually an animated series, and the mobile game is a first person shooter where players take out creatures that look like snails while avoiding enemy fire.


5) Star Wars Rebels: Recon Mission

Join the Star Wars Rebels team as they perform quests to save the galaxy and help the resistance. Get past tight situations while escaping the evil Empire with the help of you friends and allies.


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