5 Free MOBA Games for Endless Mobile Battles

Multiplayer online battle arena games.

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5 Free MOBA Games for Endless Mobile Battles

MOBA games are becoming more popular as the years go by as a sub-genre of real time strategy games. Multiplayer online battle arena games basically follow the same basic gameplay whereby you assemble a team of characters to fight on your behalf depending on their strength and abilities.

These free to play MOBA games are just right for checking out if massive online battles with other players are your thing:


1) Vainglory

Vainglory has been translated into almost 20 languages and is the most widely played free MOBA game. Every battle lasts quite long, about 20 minutes and you get to choose characters from five different groups; protectors, snipers, mages, assassins and warriors.


2) Heroes of Order and Chaos

Beautiful graphics make this one a not to be missed game. Characters are wonderfully designed too, and meld into the graphics of your phone seamlessly in battle.


3) Ace of Arenas

Find yourself in a 5v5 fast paced battle mode that's all adrenaline and action. Think fast and act fast for the ultimate prize.


4) Heroes of SoulCraft

Start small and humble with a 2v2 battle and progress up to 5v5 battle mode for longer battles while working to improve your characters along the way.


5) Call of Champions

If you don't have much time to spare, this is the MOBA for you as it offers short burst of satisfying gameplay.


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