5 Free Mobile Sports Games So You Can Exercise On Your Couch

Play your favourite sports without having to go out.

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5 Free Mobile Sports Games So You Can Exercise On Your Couch

Exercise is important, and very beneficial to our health and wellbeing. It's just that sometimes, it's good to sit back and play some sports on your smartphone instead. These sports games let you experience a sporting activity virtually, from the comfort of an air-conditioned room out of the hot sun. 

Here are some of the best free to play ones you can try out:

1) WGT World Golf Tour

Get your hole in one with a virtual game of golf, whether it is the full course of 16 holes, or a quick game with just 9 holes.


2) FIFA 16 : Ultimate Team

Form your football team, swap players and decide the final line up, before controlling the players yourself to score goals and bring your team to the top of the league.


3) MBL Perfect Inning 16

Baseball has never been so engaging. Trade and collect cards, while playing your team via an RPG-like gameplay. There are numerous game modes where you can earn points to buy new players or upgrade your existing team.


4) Archery Master 3D

One of the better archery games out there is Archery Master, with impressive graphics and over 100 levels which allows you to travel to four different locations. You'll be able to unlock new equipment the more your progress and earn points.


5) NBA Live Mobile

Like many other sports games, this one allows you to collect cards and play in various modes, including long drawn out games to short and quick ones.


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