5 Free Time Management Games to Flex Your Fingers

Chase the clock to complete the stage.

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5 Free Time Management Games to Flex Your Fingers

Time managements are fulfilling and addictive, and they're really great to play if you only have a few minutes to spare on the bus, or during breaks. Each level that you complete is quickly over and you can save the game to play later.

Some time management games have backstories which gives you a sense of purpose too. Here are 5 awesome time management mobile games you can get for absolutely free:

1) Taco Master

It seems simple enough. Fill orders by assembling ingredients together to make a great tasting taco. The game comes in three modes, career, arcade and time attack.


2) An Unexpected Tavern

Fans of the Lord of the Rings franchise will recognize this parody game, where you play a Hobbit named Bobo serve the residents of Midgard, with the help of a wizard named Gandolfi.


3) Diner Dash Series

Place customers at tables, take orders, serve and clear away at lightning speed in this remarkable and well known game featuring Flo, the super waitress.


4) Dragon Story

Collect dragon eggs, hatch them and bring the to full form while enhancing your dragon growing island with castles and other colourful elements.


5) Burger 

Assemble the correct burger as shown in your picture orders by clicking the correct sequence of ingredients. You'll have to fulfill a minimum number of burgers before the alarm rings and you're out of time.


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