5 Interesting Left 4 Dead 2 Mods

Have more fun with 3 friends with these mods.

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5 Interesting Left 4 Dead 2 Mods

1) Helms Deep

You and your fellow men must hold the gates against the countless orcs undead.

2) Lone Survivor

If you ever thought of playing L4D2 without friends or stress, this is the perfect mod for you. This modifies the game so that there won't be any special infected or tanks.

3) Wan Li

What if the survivors crash landed near the great wall of China? Wan Li, winner of China's L4D2 Mod contest answers this question.

4) The Tank Becomes Donkey Kong

The animations are perfect, and the rock has even been turned into DK's barrel.

5) Back to School

A massive 7 part mod, back to school is a long and extensive campaign, with almost a full hour and a half to play through.

Cover Image via Steam Community

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