5 Lifestyle Simulation Games for Mobile Similar to The Sims

Control your avatars in a virtual neighborhood.

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5 Lifestyle Simulation Games for Mobile Similar to The Sims

Lifestyle simulations are some of the best escapes from the real world. In these virtual settings, you can be whoever you want to be and do things you wouldn't be able to in real life. 'The Sims' and all its various titles are some of the most recognizable lifestyle simulation games, and even has a mobile version called The Sims: Freeplay. 

If you want to check out other similar lifestyle simulation games, these are the titles worth a shot:

1. Small Worlds

Create your own avatar, shop for outfits and personalize your home in this awesome game where your can also socialize with other players to make new friends.


2. Hollywood U Rising Stars

In Hollywood U, you'll play a young unknown going to a university in Hollywood, with plenty of options to reach stardom and find romance.



In this game, you move into a home that you can decorate according to your taste. After that, you start a family and try to keep them happy by fulfilling their wishes.


4. Life Quest 2

Live your life in Metropoville by choosing your job, building your career and interacting with your neighbours.


5. Avakin Life 3D

Enter an exciting and vibrant world where you can purchase and decorate your home, as well as your own outfits as well as explore the town for various experiences.

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