5 Mobile Alternatives For Fans of 'Street Fighter'

Just some classic one on one action.

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5 Mobile Alternatives For Fans of 'Street Fighter'

Almost everyone growing up in the 1980s and 1990s remember playing fighter games on whatever platforms were available back then, including cartridge consoles, CD based Playstations, arcade machines and old PCs. Popular titles included 'Street Fighter' and 'Mortal Kombat'.

Here are some of great fighter game titles released for Android that you can download and play for free:

1) Fight Club

The game consists of 20 levels, and you'll be able to use weapons from time to time. Fighting at other times are pretty much hand to hand punches and kicks in a dark basement.


2) Fighting Tiger Liberal

Both campaign modes and free modes are available, and you'll be able to tackle several opponents at one time.


3) Blood and Gore

Fight in an ancient Roman Colisuem as a gladiator, where you'll have to be fearless and fight your way to survival.


4) Iron Kill

Instead of pitching human fighters, this game lets you control robots as you encounter a storyline. 


5) Real Boxing 2- Rocky

Rocky Balboa is back and it's your turn to decide how he fares in the boxing ring. Fight with familiar faces from the Rocky movies, for that sentimental value.


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