5 Mobile Games Cat Lovers Just Can't Ignore

Games where cats are the main characters.

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5 Mobile Games Cat Lovers Just Can't Ignore

If you're a cat lover, you must be curious whether there are any games based on cats out there. The answer is yes, there are many games that you can play if you're a cat person, and kitty games are in your sight, don't let up the chance to try these gems:


1) Neko Atsume

Basically, the objective of this game is pretty simple. Lay out treats and attract various cats into your compound, the more cats you collect, the better.

2) Ninja Hero Cats

With stealth and might, defeat the bad guys by hurling various humorous objects at them, like pizzas and refrigerators.


3) Kitty Cat Clicker

Feed your queen cat by clicking on a mountain of goodies. The more you click, the more points you gain and the happier your queen cat is.


4) Sushi Cat 2

Basically, it's pinball machine meets cute blue kitty. Release your cat at a strategic spot and let it consume sushi to gain points and advance.


5) Nom Cat

Feed a pair of cats by getting them to open their mouths whenever fishes show up. You'll be able to unlock new cats as the game progresses.


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