5 Mobile Military Games for Tactical Combat Sessions

Interesting military games.

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5 Mobile Military Games for Tactical Combat Sessions

Military games take various forms, including first person shooters, strategies and MMORPGS. If you're into military themes, here are some mobile games that will satisfy your competitive spirit.

1. Arma Tactics

This turn based tactical game lets you control teams of four men, with randomized level mode as well as campaign mode so you can experience a new game each time.


2. Battle Supremacy Evolution

Experience futuristic warfare by controlling planes, tanks and more in this visually stunning military game that gives you full control.


3. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Engage in one on one combat with a direct player vs player mode, and you can really immerse yourself in the solid storyline.


4. Sky Gamblers: Cold War

Play a pilot that takes to the skies in order to save the world.


5. Frontline Cammando 2 

In this third person shooter, use a large sentinel of guns and an elite team of combatants in an urban warfare environment. 


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