5 Reasons Why Cromartie High School Will Totally Lift Your Spirits

A series that will give you a mood boost.

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5 Reasons Why Cromartie High School Will Totally Lift Your Spirits

Cromartie High School is one of those rare anime that everyone can enjoy. It's lighthearted and doesn't need much emotional or intellectual commitment. It's just there to make you laugh out loud. 

The show follows the journey of Takashi Kamiyama as he enrolls in a new school called Cromartie High. Unfortunately for him, Cromartie is known for being filled with delinquents. Will he fit in, or stand out and be bullied?

Without giving too much away, these are the reasons you should totally watch Cromartie High School, if you haven't already.

1. Beta Mechazawa

For some strange reason, Mechazawa isn't you regular schoolboy. For one thing, he's made of metal and when he gets thirsty, he fills up on engine oil. Mechazawa just can't figure out why his classmates always give him broken down gadgets to fix.

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2. Freddie! Freddie! Freddie!

Freddie's appearance onscreen is always announced  very suddenly and in a very dramatic manner, and his name is always said three times. The first thing you'll notice about Freddie is that he resembles the popular singer from the 1970s, Freddie Mercury. 

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3. Shinjiro's self moving mohawk

Shinjiro is one of the first students in Cromartie to befriend the protagonist, and a running joke in the show is how his mohawk moves on its own as if being blown by a breeze. 

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4. Gorilla

Gorilla is, well, a gorilla. He shows up in school but nobody knows if he's a student or not. Nevertheless he tends to make himself very useful like making sushi, playing the ukelele and more.

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5. He ate my pencil!

On the first day of school, Takashi gets a pretty outstanding welcome when he meets a fellow classmate that has a penchant for chewing stationery. Lots of it. 


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