5 Social Games for Mobile

Interact with other gamers around the world.

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5 Social Games for Mobile

Social games are basically games where you can meet and engage with other individuals through the game as they will also be in the game as characters. Social games are one of the most popular game genres out there and many people really appreciate the fact that they can interact with real people rather than just a computer program.

These social games will let you interact and meet players who are just as into the game as you:


1.Game of War: Fire Age

This Age of Empires inspired game lets you build up your civilization, and you can bring your armies to war with neighboring kingdoms too. Chat with other players and form alliances in the game, or defend your realms together.


2. Smurf Village

The Smurfs are running away from Gargamel and his evil plans. Help them resettle while growing crops and building houses. You can connect with friends via Facebook and exchange gifts.


3. Chess: Social Chess

Social Chess lets you play real time chess with your friends, or with a random stranger.You can choose a fast game, or a slow one with any of the people on this game app that's also a social media platform.


4. Stampede Run

Outrun the angry bulls in Spain and gain goodies while you're at it. There are solo run modes, as well as one mode where you can challenge your friends to a full run.


5. Restaurant Story

Create and build your own restaurant with tons of decorations to choose from and food to serve. You can invite your Facebook friends to set up shop near you, engage with neighboring restaurant owners and showcase your shop to everyone in the game.


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