5 Tips and Tricks to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Get your own Charizard and Dragonite.

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5 Tips and Tricks to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The fever pitch surrounding Pokemon Go may have died down somewhat, but a dedicated group of players still remain very happily in the game, defending their gyms and ascending in levels. However, there may be players that are still struggling to get some of the rare and powerful Pokemons that can really raise their game.

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If this is you, and you're wondering why everyone else seems to have a Dragonite to battle it out at gyms, but you still don't after such a long time, here are some useful strategies you can use:

  • Join your local Pokemon Go enthusiasts group online, including Facebook groups and forums. You can always perform a search on FB or Google and you'll surely find them. Here you'll surely find tips from fellow Pokemon Trainers on rare types of Pokemon they've sighted.
  • Eggs are a good way to get rare Pokemon, and you can guess that 10 kilometer eggs have way better Pokemon compared to 5 Km or 2 Km eggs, so start walking your difficult eggs.

  • Certain rare Pokemons are associated with real world locations which share the same elements, such as Pikachus at Power stations, and Blastoises in lakes and rivers. Central Brighton in the UK, for example, often has metal type Pokemons being generated regularly as the main industry in town is steel and ironworks.

  • Watch out for nests of Pokemons that can re-spawn regularly time and again in the same spot. You'll be able to read about certain nests in the area you're staying in if you follow a group or forum.

  • Earning medals will boost your chances of finding rare Pokemon, meaning that if you catch many low level fire Pokemons, and earn a medal for it, the system will allow you to catch higher level fire Pokemons, especially when you hit gold medal level.

Just like in any endeavor, finding rare and powerful Pokemons require effort. Just remember to stay safe and avoid risky behaviour as you go about walking and hunting Pokemon.

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