7 Awesome Digital Card Games to Rock Your Mobile

They're all absolutely free to download too.

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7 Awesome Digital Card Games to Rock Your Mobile

Remember the times when you were young and played UNO with your friends in school, or played Snap!, Old Maid and Happy Family with your siblings in the evenings? Card games have come a long way since then, and it has even become a serious hobby for some. 

Some of the card trading games that have become popular in real life include Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Cards and Yu Gi Oh card games. If you're into card games, here are some virtual options you can check out for absolutely free of charge.

1) Card Wars Kingdom
Based on the settings and characters in Adventure Time, this game will set you up with hours of fun where you can collect cards and use them to battle and defeat enemies.


2) Clash Royale

You've heard of Clash of Clans, but here's the spin-off card game featuring all your favourite characters in a multiplayer game environment.


3) Elder Scrolls Legends

This one isn't officially released yet, but it's coming real soon. Players will be able to collect cards and build decks for battles against nemesis, with many of the Elder Scrolls' characters and story elements thrown in.


4) Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a fantasy card game based on the Warcraft universe that's really popular because of the sheer number of cards available for you to collect, and new decks constantly revealed at regular intervals.


5) Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

Now instead of just playing in real life, Prokemon fans can bring their skills into the virtual realm. The rules are pretty much similar to the real life game, where you can collect Pokemon cards, upgrade and battle them.


6) Pathfinder Adventures

Explore the world of Golarion with cards that represent your character's weapons, strengths and special abilities that will be used to take on location themed and quest decks.


7) Solforge
This new take on card battles adds a location element where you can take advantage of 'lanes' which you can use to attack or block enemies.


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