7 Awesome Mobile Games Based on Board Games

Much more fun than snakes and ladders.

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7 Awesome Mobile Games Based on Board Games

Many of us remember playing our first board games, like Monopoly or Backgammon. Nowadays, there's an entire industry involving board games and board game cafes have sprung up as hip hang out places for young people.

Board game themes and concepts are so rich and varied today, with lots of innovation and creativity pumped in. If you love board games, you'll be glad to know that some of them have been turned into mobile games too.


1) Pandemic

In this co-operation game, you'll have to assemble a team of scientists, doctors and other medical personnel to contain several disease outbreaks all over the world. The clock is ticking and your team needs to find a cure stat.


2) Suburbia City Building Game

This is a tile based game where you plan a city using tiles representing industrial areas, housing, museums and more. Generate income and keep your citizens happy.


3) Carcassonne

In this map building game, you choose which tiles to put out so that you can gain more points, and place your units there in order to gain more resources.


4) Catan

In real life, Catan has millions of players all over the world and there are even international tournaments. This mobile version lets you experience all that, either playing with other real players or against an AI.

The objective is straight forward, build you settlement and build the most roads on the map.


5) Elder Signs: Omens

In this classic mystery board game, players choose from a series of adventures on a map, which will reveal an 'Elder Sign' that can be used to seal away a monster. But you'd have to be quick witted, or else the monster may fill his signs in and defeat you instead.


6) Talisman

Talisman is an adventure board game in digital form, where you can go on an adventure and collect skills and weaknesses. These can be used to your advantage to defeat your opponents and find the ultimate treasure.


7) Galaxy Trucker

Build your own spaceship from pipes and unwanted parts to deliver things across the universe. By laying new tiles, you get to build your ship, and see whether it stands the perils of outer space.


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