7 Must Visit Spots for Chocolate Lovers

Satisfy your sweet tooth.

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7 Must Visit Spots for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate has been proven to have many benefits, and many people all over the world love it. Chocolate has been proven to improve moods, boost memory power and even be good for the heart. There's no wonder that chocolate is loved the world over.

Cocoa was introduced by the Mayans, who often drank it with spicy peppers. At first, chocolate was consumed in liquid form, but it was soon made into solid form, with dried fruits, nuts and other sweets added. If you're a chocolate fan, here are some places in the world that you should visit:

1. Panny's Amazing world of Chocolate , Australia

A chocolate theme park down under, just like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

2. Angelina Cafe, Paris

Try their chocolat chaud or hot chocolate, which is world famous

3. Mina Street, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico's chocolate street is a showcase of the country's best and finest cocoa products

4. Chocolate Train, Switzerland

Board this train from Montreaux to Broc to visit Nestle's factory, and have some delicious samples on board.

5. Chocolate Spa at Hotel Hershey, United States

Visit Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania to give your skin a chocolate spa, and try some of their delectable chocolate menu items.

6. Museu de la Xocolata, Spain

Learn the history of how Spanish invaders brought the first chocolates out of Latin America and introduce it to the world.

7. Place du Grand Sablon, Belgium

Belgian chocolate is unrivaled, and you'll be able to shop for the best Belgian chocolates at this wonderful street