8 Simple Ways to Enjoy The Goodness of Kimchi

It's really good for your health.

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8 Simple Ways to Enjoy The Goodness of Kimchi

Kimchi is a spicy and sour Korean pickle that was developed hundreds of years ago. Modern research has found that kimchi is a superfood, containing hundreds of beneficial vitamins and other nutrients, along with probiotics and prebiotics that are good for the digestive system.

Although most commonly made with Napa cabbages or Chinese cabbages, kimchi can also be made with other vegetables like leeks and radishes. Here's how you can enjoy kimchi on a daily basis:

1. Kimchi Fried Rice

Called Kimchi Bokkeumbap, this easy recipe requires you to fry 1 cup of chopped kimchi with some kimchi juice and 3 cups of cooked white rice. Watch how to make it here:


2. Kimchi Sandwich

An easy way to enjoy kimchi is to stick it in between two slices of bread and just eat it as it is, or add more vegetables for a completely vegan treat.

via Closet Cooking


3. Make a Kimchi Pancake

Koreans make a type of kimchi pancake called kimchi jeon. It's a really delicious snack that can accompany drinks. It's so easy, you'll be able to make it in no time, just like this lady here:


4. Add Kimchi to Instant Noodles

Not only will this enhance the taste, it'll make your noodles healthier.

via Season with Spice


5. As an Onigiri Filling

Kimchi inside a fresh and hot Japanese rice ball called an onigiri is the most comforting meal.

via Foodspotting


6. Kimchi Pasta 

Stir fried kimchi does wonders for an otherwise boring pasta dish. Just fry the kimchi and add your favourite type pf pasta, plus some cheese.

via No Recipes


7. Add it to Hot Dogs

Spice up a regular hotdog with the spicy sourness of kimchi. 

via Eating Around the World


8. Make Kimchi Scrambled Eggs

Add some kimchi to your breakfast scrambled eggs and get a vitamin boost.

via The Dish

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