A Girl Adrift Review: The Fishing RPG

Open world tapping game to fish in a submerged reality.

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A Girl Adrift Review: The Fishing RPG

The world has been mysteriously submerged by water, and you play a young girl in 'A Girl Adrift' who goes around fishing and selling what she finds. The game comes from Daerisoft and is free to play on both iOS and Android.

Catching fish is one of the main features of the gameplay. and you start off casting your fishing rod into the sea and tapping on it once a fish takes the bait. Once that happens, you'll have to tap on the fish very rapidly to make sure you reel it in.

You're allowed to catch three types of fish, normal, rare and boss. A skull sign will appear on your map indicating where the boss fish shows up. Rare and boss level fishes give you extra items like seaweed and beechwood which you sell a a harbour for pearls.

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There are two rewards in this game, fishcakes and pearls. You get fishcakes for every fish you catch. Fishcakes can get you upgrades for your fishing rod and other equipment for your raft. Pearls can be used to buy skins and other fancy things for the character.

The game design is really soothing, with a soundtrack that's perfect for when you have trouble sleeping. As you begin to level up, more and more areas of the map will be open to you.

It may look very cute on the outset, but there's something hauntingly mysterious about the game and you'll feel it once you begin to play. Even online, players are sharing rumours of secret parts of the map available only to those that have collected a certain number of upgrades.

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It may look like a simple tapping game on the outset, but the more you level up, the more you feel that there's more to discover in the game and about the story behind the girl who's adrift. This mystery plays itself out in the most encouraging and positive way, without any stress or urgency.

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