A Quick Look Into The EA Mobile Game 'The Sims Freeplay'

A game combining elements of The Sims with Simcity.

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A Quick Look Into The EA Mobile Game 'The Sims Freeplay'

Once you get this game going after a lengthy download time, the first thing you'll be faced with is a tutorial spanning 5 or 6 levels. Basically, this free to play game was designed by the good folks at EA (used to be known as Electronic Arts) to promote their paid games for mobile, including The Sims 3 which is a game you have to buy on Google Play and The App store.

So back to the tutorial. Once you begin, you'll be asked to design your first character, just like in the Sims, but with less options. Once that's done, you'll move this first Sim into the first house you build in a brand new town. But here's where things get a tad bit frustrating. Unlike a full The Sims game, you can't schedule actions for you character. You have to wait until they're done with one task before moving on to another.

You'll be able to buy furniture and appliances for your Sim and their home, just as long as you have enough money, i.e. Simoleans, which you can earn by sending your Sim to work, or by waiting a few minutes or seconds in real time for each building in your town to generate Simoleans. Once you're done moving in your first Sim, you can go on and move in your next Sim, and the next as long as you have enough Simoleans to build them a house.

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You get to take care of the needs of individual Sims, but then you get to build up your town too. Each new building in your town requires money to build, but most have other requirements too, including a minimum number of residents in town, a minimum game level to reach and so on. Also the game functions in real time, and many of the tasks your Sims undertake require 2 hours or more to complete, including basic things like sleeping and taking a bath.

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You can increase the jobs available to your sims by building new buildings like an art gallery or a school, but that too takes real time. Of course there are plenty of in-game purchases to speed things up. Otherwise,you'd have to have a lot of patience with the game, especially in the beginning.

The graphics is top notch and the it doesn't crash at all. I was playing it on an LG G3 and the experience came out really great. However, if you're the type that's already very used to playing The Sims on PC, this game really does take some getting used to. However, as a game by itself, it is worth some curiosity.

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