Ahri RPG: Poro Farm - Quick Review

Adorable Ahri saving poros from minions. League of legend fans would like this game.

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Ahri RPG: Poro Farm - Quick Review

Score: 6.5/10


  • An idle game, but you gain the gold by playing a simple RPG minigame.
  • Fair Ad model.
  • A lot of references to the game League of Legends
  • Ahri is adorable, and has multiple skins 


  • When you hit a wall, you'll have to wait to gain gold from Poros before you can advance in game.

Hungry hungry poros.

The minigame is played to gain Poros. You have 4 abilities which you use when they are off cooldown, and auto attacks happen when you touch the enemies.


The main gameplay revolves in gaining gold so that you can buy upgrades so that you can win levels. Doing this will give you cards which are passive abilities that help out in the future.

The home screen only serves as a link to open the other menus. As you play through, you will see all the Porus you have saved in the middle of the screen.

In conclusion, Ahri: Poro Farm is an idle game with cute elements that fans of League of legends will enjoy. It isn't a game that you play for long on one sitting, but one that you will occasionally go through in your day. 

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Price: Free

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