Airline Food From All Over The World

Airline food isn't all that bad.

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Airline Food From All Over The World

Most of the time, airline food has got a bad rep due to the fact that they're served tasteless, cold or just below par. The meals we get on a flight does indeed taste different than how it will on land. This has been proven by researchers. 

Therefore, in order to ensure that a meal is edible, many airline caterers have put in some extra effort. Here are some of the world's best airline meals from around the world, and all of them from economy class:

1. Air New Zealand

Red wine beef and polenta

2. Cathay Pacific 

Curry chicken on rice with salad and ice cream on the side

3. Chile's LAN Airlines

Ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast and a muffin on the side

4. Korean Airline Asiana

A taste of traditional Korean bibimbap topped with cheese

5. Japan's All Nippon Airways

Fresh vegetables, noodles and rice are a common Japanese staple

6. Garuda Indonesia

Breakfast includes some spicy traditional offerings, including traditional Nasi Goreng

7. Singapore Airlines

Fried rice and green vegetables with some fruits for dessert 

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