Alexis Ren is the New Poster Girl for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

A new promotional campaign has been launched.

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Alexis Ren is the New Poster Girl for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV has just released its mobile game version, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, but it hasn't forgotten its earlier release, called  Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Recently, a new ad campaign has been launched in the US featuring American model and Instagram celebrity Alexis Ren.

Ren apparently has over 10 million followers on her Instagram account and is considered a key social media influencer. As of now, only one promotional video has been released, but Ren is expected to appear in more TV spots, mobile ads and banners soon.

MZ, the company responsible for publishing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has said that they chose Alexis Ren as she personifies the image of a strong female character which are the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy series.

via Business Wire

In the promotional video ad, Ren can be seen commanding a room full of men, all of whom are poised to fight a battle with their mobile phones. Hopefully this campaign can give the game its much needed publicity.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has largely been criticized for not living up to the Final Fantasy brand, which is why publishers are coming up with creative marketing strategies to ensure that new players take up the game where traditional fans have left off.

Cover image via Final Fantasy Portal


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