All The Space Sim Mobile Games You'll Ever Need

Shooting and battling for dominance in space.

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All The Space Sim Mobile Games You'll Ever Need

Space shooter or space simulator games have been around for as long as video games have existed, appearing first as simple green shapes shooting hyphens or full stops at alien ship to eliminate them. Nowadays, modern space shooters have become much more sophisticated in terms of gameplay and graphics, but the initial spirit of the game remains.

Here are some awesome and exciting space shooter games you can download to your mobile for some good old classic enemy elimination:

1) Squadron- Bullet Hell Shooter

The old storyline of an alien invasion never gets old, except here the battle is colourful and intense. The 3D background gives a completely realistic tilt to the game. 


2) Plasma Sky

In Plasma Sky, speed is everything and how fast you move determines how long you stay alive.


3) Galaxy on Fire

Whether you choose to play GOF 1,2 or 3 , you're in for a full three dimensional immersive experience in HD. Galaxy on Fire is the 'go to' space shooter game everyone recommends.


4) M.A.C.E. Space Shooters

In the vein of classic space shooter games played on a 2D plane, you play a pilot that has to rid the earth of invading bugs.


5) Beyond Space

Beyond Space probably has the best graphics you'll ever encounter for a mobile game. Rich and weeping, you'll feel like you're playing on a PC or a gaming laptop.


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