Amazing Japanese House Designed to Let In Rainwater

Bringing nature into the home.

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Amazing Japanese House Designed to Let In Rainwater

For the most part, homes are meant to keep us sheltered from the outdoors, and especially from bad weather. However, a home in Matsusaka city, Japan has been designed to let rainwater in, instead of keeping it out.

This house, which was completed in May 2016, is the brainchild of architect Masaki Yoneda and is named 'Puddle'. The main unique feature here is a chimney that channels rainwater to a raised central courtyard. The courtyard is built with a concave that can retain a puddle, which trickles off to the sides and is drained away.

The centre courtyard is encased in glass, with a small opening that allows anyone to enter the space and sit inside.

During heavy rain the puddle increases in size, but dries up when there's no rain.

This is truly a great idea to incorporate the outdoors into the design of a house, and to remind us how rain is an essential part of life.


All images via Masaki Yoneda Architectural Design


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