Amazing Teacher Has Special Handshakes with All His Students

A different one for each student.

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Amazing Teacher Has Special Handshakes with All His Students

Imagine having to memorize and practice more than 20 different handshakes for everyone you meet. It's definitely a challenging feat and not many people will be able to do it. However, American teacher Barry White Jr. does exactly that, sharing a personalized handshake with each and every one of his students.

When asked how he does it, Mr White replies that it's part of his muscle memory, and that he started with one or two of his students, and it soon spread to others, and even other classes.

The handshake is a way for Mr White to motivate his students, and keep them excited and pumped up for class later, which is why he always has a handshake session with all his students before classes start and in the mornings.

It's all thanks to influential teachers like Barry White Jr. that students begin to feel special, and their motivation to attend school increases. His simple gesture serves as an inspiration to us all on the importance of positivity.


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