'Angry Birds Match' is the Newest Offering From the Angry Birds Franchise

This time the Hatchlings are the stars of the show.

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'Angry Birds Match' is the Newest Offering From the Angry Birds Franchise

The latest Angry Birds offering from Rovio is rather predictable, but fans will love it nevertheless. This new 'Angry Birds Match' is a match-3 game where you'll have to match items in order to clear tasks. The main stars of this game are the Hatchlings, who many may remember as the cutest baby birds around in the last Angry Birds movie.

Well in this game, the Hatchlings are busy planning a birthday party but the evil green pigs have plans to disrupt the birthday party. You'll have to help the hatchlings through more than 1000 levels where they have to explore, collect your items back and use items to get back on the festive track.

The game is available now for free on both Android and iOS, and when the levels get too hard you can call for help from the adult birds like Red, Chuck and Bomb for useful tips. You'll have the chance to explore and get to know the cute Hatchlings better and dress them up with funky hairstyle, fancy hats and retro outfits.

The game is already out and promises a slew of special events and new content from time to time.

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