Animation Throwdown: Quick Review- A CCG without tactics

A game that gives you all the advantage, in a collectible card game that you play to discover, instead of playing to enjoy.

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Animation Throwdown: Quick Review- A CCG without tactics

Score: 4/10


  • Many easter eggs and references to western animated shows
  • Good artwork and in character quotes


  • Balance is non existant
  • Unclear UI
  • Bonus rewards forces an ad to be watched to collect
  • Extremely pay to win
  • Unlocking new card combinations require 8 hours each.
  • Bosses ramp on difficulty upon replaying
  • Gameplay involves minimal decision making and card playing
  • Auto play does not make the best decisions in playing cards

In a game where going first gives the player a huge advantage, and you are always going first, what point is there in playing? Animation Throwdown is a game that promises mindless fun, and in that it delivers. Play cards, combine money with Fry to have "Take my money Fry" on board. Pay to upgrade your leaders with constant overpowered effects such as health reduction on all enemy cards per turn. Play three matches to get a card. And finally, come across the first boss who drops a legendary and despair at how strong it is compared to an epic.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free



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