Anime Foods that Made Us Drool For Real

You can almost taste it through the screen.

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Anime Foods that Made Us Drool For Real

Many cooking anime feature delicious food, but some take it to the next level. These foods are among the most interesting, and they're often characters of the series in their own right. They often make us feel hungry even though they're not real, especially if they're described in detail. 

Maybe you can try making them at home to see what they really taste like.

1. Gotcha Pork Roast (from Shokugeki no Souma)

Shokugeki no Souma is arguably one of the best cooking anime to come out in recent seasons. Most of the food are brought to life via great animation and in-depth descriptions. One of the earliest signature dishes to be presented is a dish of mashed potatoes wrapped in bacon slices called Gotcha Pork Roast, used to impress a local city planner trying to shut down Souma's restaurant.

via Shokugeki no Souma Wiki


2. Katsudon (from Yuri!!! on Ice)

In the anime, Yuri's family only serve him this dish as a treat if he wins tournaments. However, at one point he ate so much of it that he gained weight. This dish consists of a breaded piece of deep fried pork cutlet served on a bowl of steaming hot rice with an omelette and vegetables.

via Crunchyroll


3. Chocolate Curry Buns (from Kuroshitsuji)

The Black Butler himself, Sebastian Michaelis made this unique fusion dish to impress visitors at a curry fair. The curry in these buns have dark chocolate in them.

via Real Anime Food


4. Birthday Fish Pie (from Kiki's Delivery Service)

In this well loved Studio Ghibli classic, the main character Kiki helps an old lady make a classic fish pie for her granddaughter's birthday (which Kiki has to deliver). It's filled with potatoes, herring, spinach with a white sauce, topped with crusty pastry.

via Anna the Red


5.  Kotetsu's Everything In Special Fried Rice (from Tiger and Bunny)

Kotetsu's fried rice is a bachelor's version that's different from everyone else's. The two main standout ingredients are shrimp, and a healthy tablespoon of mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise in fried rice. Go figure.

via Honey's Anime

Cover image via Reddit

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