'Another Case Solved' is Your Chance for Simple Detective Work

More of a matching game than a mystery.

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'Another Case Solved' is Your Chance for Simple Detective Work

In this mobile game, you play a private detective working in a city where sugar has become illegal. This is a conundrum however, since you don't actually start off solving cases related to sugar or desserts. The game begins in a simple manner, with you designing your own character. You're allowed to choose the gender and ethnicity of your avatar, and other details such as your hair, eyes and outfit.

You'll begin with several tutorial levels, most of which are pretty confusing. However, the basics is that you'll have to earn money and candy by solving cases. Candies can earn you shortcuts and cheats, while money lets you buy things for your sparse office. You gather clues by matching several types of pictures, indicated at the top of the screen, including footprints and magnifying glasses.

Once you gather enough clues, they will appear on your left and you'll have to use the clues to zero in on a suspect. Solving cases earns you cash, and you can gain more by making in-game purchases. You can watch the gameplay here:


Another Case Solved is made by Puzzle Craft and is available as a free to play game. To be frank, the game has a lot of downloads and is rated highly on the App Store and Google Play. However, the first few tutorial levels can be confusing and jerky. Also you start off with many cases that have no relations to the main theme of sugar being illegal. 

The game also gets repetitive after a while, and you can get really frustrated when you're required to solve small petty cases in the newspaper before they allow you to earn more by tackling the main cases in your filing cabinet. 

If you're not into matching games, but like detective ones, it's advisable to go for any of the point and click or hidden items mystery games available out there as this one is meant more for those who want a simple matching game. There isn't much suspense or serious deduction skills needed, and you'll always be frustrated by the lack of money or candy needed to help you clear levels.

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