Arcanheim Softworks Debuts with 'A Tale of Refraction'

It's a 2D physics puzzle game.

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Arcanheim Softworks Debuts with 'A Tale of Refraction'

New game company Arcanheim Softworks has announced the release of their first ever game title, called 'Tilted: A Tale of Refraction'. In this game, players are placed in a puzzle with light that has to be refracted in order to open a portal.

The premise is simple enough, go through portals that you've opened and stay alive. In this way, you'll be able to explore the realm of Lumenos. You play Prizzo, an ancient spacefaring prism that has to dispel the darkness and bring light back to Lumenos.

via APK Real

The game is available for free with in-game purchases for both Android and iOS, so get started and explore the secrets within Lumenos today.


Cover image via Penny Arcade Forums

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