ArcheAge Begins is Now Available for Mobile

A mobile prequel to the ArcheAge MMORPG video games.

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ArcheAge Begins is Now Available for Mobile

ArcheAge Begins is a new MMORPG that's hitting the mobile platform and it's a spinoff from the PC video game ArcheAge. This game is being made by XL Games and published by Gamevil.

This game will have a completely different storyline that the PC game, and will take place 1000 years before. It mainly involves the myth of creation, with many characters who are gods and more characters from various mysterious races.

Like in many MMORPGs, the gameplay requires you to choose up to four characters and upgrade them as you go along. This team of yours will be able to complete quests and finish the storyline to unlock rewards.

ArcheAge also allows you to co-operate with up to four other players to perform boss raids, and there's a PvP mode too.

ArcheAge Begins is available for free now on both iOS and Android, with impressive gameplay and plenty of sumptuous graphics.

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