Gatebox Lab will pay employees to have a waifu

They also offer marriage certificates for non-employees.

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Gatebox Lab will pay employees to have a waifu

In a promotional move by Gatebox Labs, they will be paying their staff 5000 yen (USD 45) if they have "married" a virtual character. In addition, employees will also obtain a day off on their waifu's birthday.

They do so in hopes of finding more employees whom can help them in their dream of creating a virtual AI companion for "Gatebox", a digital companion personality that will interact with owners. From the trailer, current functionality includes sending text messages, turning on lights and using sensors to greet owners upon returning home.

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The above is a marriage form for the promotion. In it, employees must fill out details of their relationship such as memories made, first meeting and how the marriage proposal was done.

The site also has a FAQ section, which details rules such as "No real life marriages", "Same sex is allowed", "Only one marriage partner is allowed" and "all characters allowed including 2.5d, 3d and fantasy characters."

Information on the event can be found via the promotional website Gatebox Lab.

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