Good Video Games with Cat Girls

Games from different genres.

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Good Video Games with Cat Girls

1) Nekopara

Naturally, a visual novel would have catgirls, and Nekopara is one of the best in the genre, focusing truly on catgirls.

2) Blade Kitten

A 2.5d platformer, Blade Kitten is above average with quirky humor and action.

3) Skullgirls

We could use Felicia from Darkstalkers, but there hasn't been a Darkstalker's game in a long time. So, Ms Fortune from Skullgirls is your best bet if you wish to play a catgirl in a fighting game.

4) Senran Kagura

Image via Wikia

If you wish to be technical, Mirai technically isn't a catgirl, just a normal ninja girl dressed up as one, but Senran Kagura is still a good beat em up. The games in the series also allow you to customize every single character with cat/dog/fox ears and tails, and so it deserves a spot in the list.


Cover Image and Images via Steam Store

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