Jessica Jones is Your Unconventional Marvel Hero

From Marvel's lesser known team, The Defenders.

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Jessica Jones is Your Unconventional Marvel Hero

Marvel is best known for their team of superheroes called The Avengers that include characters like Ironman, Black Widow, Captain America and the Hulk. However, on the other side of town, there is now another team of superheroes called The Defenders and it's made up of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist.

Before The Defenders get their own series on Netflix however, they had to introduce the characters to audiences. This began with a series featuring Daredevil, and in 2015, they introduced Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones stands out almost immediately from her counterparts, simply because of the fact that she doesn't have a fancy hero name or even a costume. She's simply, Jessica Jones in a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

Krysten Ritter did an amazing job bringing this morose and angsty character to life, and her often witty but cynical banter is convincing, as is her attempts to hide her vulnerabilities. Jessica Jones' power is her super human strength that developed after a car accident.

However this power did not protect her from the series' main nemesis, the mind controller Kilgrave. He once controlled Jessica herself to that she became his tool to perform all sorts of dastardly deeds and this left her with serious PTSD.

When the series begins, Jessica finds out to her horror that Kilgrave, who she tried to kill, has survived and has now returned to torment her. She isn't your usual confident superhero, and often loses her cool and judgement, which makes it so relatable. 

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Her co-stars like her adopted sister Trish Walker and love interest Luke Cage are the ones that usually pull her back from the brink and try to get her grounded and on track again.

Overall this series is a one of a kind offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is quite unique and should be the one series beginners start with when trying to familiarize themselves with Marvel.

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