Watch Hanasaku Iroha for a Relaxing Peek into How an Onsen is Run

Slice of life meets drama.

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Watch Hanasaku Iroha for a Relaxing Peek into How an Onsen is Run

Hanasaku Iroha tells the story of Ohana Matsumae who arrives to stay at a small holiday town from the big city of Tokyo. She has been left in the care of her grandmother whom she has never met. Her grandmother runs a hot springs inn or Onsen and suggests that she work there to earn her keep.

The whole story is pretty self contained and ties all loose ends up pretty well after 26 episodes and a movie. At her grandmother's Onsen she meets other girls her age, called Minko and Nako and their new found friendship carries the story along.

The story is not always happy and sweet, as there are many instances where the characters encounter strange and difficult guests. Ohana herself starts out rather clumsy and this doesn't bode well with the other staff at the Onsen. However, she soon wins them over by her determination and hard work.

The movie trailer sums it up nicely when they say that this is an anime series about discipline, family, love and determination among others. It also explores the dynamics between colleagues in a work setting, which is a theme many of us can relate to.

Hanasaku Iroha tells the story in a way that's pretty satisfying in the sense that you don't feel burdened by it at the end of each episode. The story moves along at a good pace, and conflicts are often resolved nicely and neatly.

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