Asphalt 8 Airborne: Quick Review

Arcade racing.

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Asphalt 8 Airborne: Quick Review

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Score: 8.5/10


  • Effective Menus
  • Very solid gameplay
  • 3 Race modes (Race, takedown, infection)
  • A huge amount of cars from multiple real life brands
  • Has motorbikes
  • Good BGM
  • Tricks in jumps
  • Easy to use drift and nitros mechanics
  • Online and local multiplayer
  • Google quests
  • Event races
  • No collectibles. Cars are upgraded with in game currency.
  • Maps are varied, have branching paths, and has details such as robots or a plane flying out of a cliff.


  • Grinding required
  • Some special cars require cards to unlock
  • Ad system did not work with emulator.

Well, you don't see that in a racing game everyday. Yes, the hand will move out of the way.

What a breath of fresh air. Asphalt 8 is a great game.

Let's get into details.

A racing game at it's core, Asphalt 8 also includes mechanics such as nitros (and timing your 2nd nitros for a perfect nitros boost), break (and drift breaking), It has a career mode, but there's no story here, all it does is it gives you races and subquests, which when completed, will unlock more races and sub-quests.

Your goal is to gain enough cash, and buy more cars and upgrades so that you can continue getting more cash.

What's phenomenal about the game is it's graphics, and how the maps aren't just one way paths. There are usually multiple paths, jumps, barrel rolls and shortcuts that you can take. Some maps even takes you into tunnel and caves, and perform leaps over abandoned buildings.

A downside to the game however, is that as a free player, you'll need to grind for a while to obtain the cars that you want. Upgrades also costs a lot of money, which translates into a lot of time. That aside, the ad system that doubles rewards is in the game to help reduce the grind, but the ad system did not work on an android emulator .

Check out the gameplay videos below, they are short, and if you enjoy what you see, you'll very much enjoy playing the game.

A race through Tokyo

An event race where with a high powered car.


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