Augmented Reality Games to Check Out That Aren't Pokemon GO

Including augmented reality strategy games.

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Augmented Reality Games to Check Out That Aren't Pokemon GO

Augmented reality games have taken the gaming world by storm, especially since the worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon Go. If you'd like to try out augmented reality (AR) games that doesn't involve catching and battling Pokemon, here are some really interesting ones to try out:

1) Ingress

Released by the Niantic, the same company responsible for Pokemon Go, your job is to choose a side, whether the Enlightened or the Resistance, one of which wants to use energy sources to control mankind and one wants to protect it. Your job is to capture these energy sources around the town you live in.


2) Temple Treaure Hunt

Play outdoors or indoors, whether as a treasure guardian or as a treasure hunter based on your current location.


3) Parallel Kingdoms

This game allows to claim territories based on your real life maps and build your own kingdom while fighting with other kingdoms.


4) Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast

Hunt for ghost and ghouls in your own neighbourhood with the use of funky gadgets and weapons directly from the well loved Ghostbusters series.


5) AR Defender 2

This game takes the battles from your phone directly onto your table, carpet or any surface you want. Just place your marker on whatever surface you want and turn it into a battlefield.


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