Automated Fast Food Chain Revolutionizes the Food Industry

Cantina Kale Salad.


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Automated Fast Food Chain Revolutionizes the Food Industry


With a game-changing concept, fast-food chain Eatsa has revolutionized eating. No, not because it has unicorns serving you. And no, not ninjas wearing glittery fairy wings either. In fact, no one serves you. Yes, you read that correctly.




At Eatsa, customers order their food from ipads and collect their meals from automatic "cubbies". The whole process does not involve customers interacting with any employees. With the use of technology to streamline the process of ordering and collecting meals, Eatsa is able to provide customers with their meals in a short time. 


Unlike what you would expect from a typical fast food chain, Eatsa serves food that is scarily very healthy. Completely vegetarian, its menu consists of a variety of quinoa bowls. Packed with nutrients, quinoa is a perfect staple that goes well with the various toppings Eatsa offers.


It is easy to see that Eatsa has easily delivered its vision of faster, healthier, tastier and more affordable food. The efficiency in which Eatsa's superfood is served is a concept that has a lot of promise.