Baby Sloth Has the Cutest Reactions Ever

Too adorable to miss.

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Baby Sloth Has the Cutest Reactions Ever

Sloths are mainly found in the rainforests of Central and South America. They are extremely slow moving animals, and can seem very laid back. Environmental Youtube channel Brave Wilderness went on to the ground to spend some time with a baby sloth, and the results are pretty heart warming:

The baby sloth seems to trust the hosts, and shows some curiosity, often trying to touch the host with its hands. At other times, it curls up on the sloth plushie on which it is perched. 

His name is B-rad and he lives in a sanctuary called Kids Saving the Rainforest, located in Quepos, Costa Rica. B-rad was saved as a baby and will undergo rehabilitation before being released back into the wild, where he belongs.


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