Battle Girl High School Review: Game So Good, An Anime Was Made

Cute girls in well animated Live 2d, full story voice acting, multiplayer, no stamina system, and EVERYTHING YOU DO GIVE YOU GEMS.

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Battle Girl High School Review: Game So Good, An Anime Was Made

I can't understand a single word, but there's so many things in this game that it took 2 hours to write this review.
But what can you do when you review a great game? Just comes with the job.

I don't need to introduce the game. Made by Colopl, Battle Girls High School is exactly what it is. You teach a group of high school girls who are able to use magic and are tasked to defeat the monsters that have been appearing in the world.


Let's start with the characters, there are 18 playable characters in the game, and 8 different weapons. Each character has a cute chibi form that you will mostly be seeing, and a story '2d' live animated form that is used in cutscenes. To use a character, first you must decide which character card to use. A character card contains a costume, a skill, and determines which weapon your girl will be using. As you collect more cards, you'll gain a collection of costumes for your character that you can freely switch between, as the abilities that you bring into battle will be dependent on the card that you are equipping.

Each girl has a level, and a bond level. You can increase the bond level by giving the girl gifts, sending her for outdoor training, or with head pets. Rarity is divided into 4 tiers. 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars and Starter (1 star). Roughly, each character has about 15x4 stars, 5X3 stars, 4x2 stars and 1X1 star. Yes, you're reading this right. There are more max rarity cards then there are 3 or 2 stars. Don't fret however, as obtaining duplicate of any card will give you tokens, which are used to evolve cards to increase its max level. When you max the bond level of a 4 star card, you will unlock the card's side story and special quest. Completing the special quest on the card itself will often increase the damage that your card's skill will do.


Let's talk about the home screen. Every day, you're given your daily gems by one of the characters and is dropped at the home screen, where you will proceed to head pet one of the girls and send 3 girls for training. Sometimes, you can see the girls cleaning the classroom. You can then (if you wish), go into the girl's dormitories to buy and place furniture and posters. Players are free to dress up the rooms anyway they like. (I was lazy and just put up posters everywhere). The attention to detail here is great for screenshots.

There's even a room for a live band. Because it's high school. And girls. Why would there NOT be a band?

System wise, there is a lot to see here. You can enable/disable screen shake/cinematic skills. Change the UI for left handed or right handed, change how lock on and camera controls work, change sensitivity, camera angle, and you can even change what music is played in the background for all the different modes in the game.


Now let's talk about the actual gameplay. Battles are done in a 3d flat plane. You move by tap and sliding anywhere on the screen. You attack by tapping on the screen. When you do so, a small circle will appear, bounce out from where you tap, and the intent is for you to tap again when the circle is in the middle. Doing this will start a combo count for your character. Combo counts are important because skills are only activated with a certain number of combos. For example, this skill screenshot activates in every 14th combo count. While attacking, you are free to dodge at any time, but this will break the combo UNLESS you time it to the "circle jumps". You bring three girls into battle, and you may switch between girls anytime without breaking the combo. It's a very intuitive battle system that feels great. The weapon you give to the girls will change the 'circle jumps' that you will be using, as some weapon allows for double, or triple circle jumps to appear. Special weapons have "charge" moves, that will give the character a buff, or even change how a character plays entirely.

As stated earlier, there are 8 different weapons, each with their own unique feel and some with their own unique mechanic. Range weapons have ammo for example, which is reloaded by dodging. Having three different party members with different weapons is a must in end game as some monsters are weak or immune to certain weapon attacks. An in game weapon chart menu is available at the pause screen for easy convenience.


There are four main modes in the game.

The first is story mode, which is fully voiced, and will unlock starter card of all 18 characters. The second is event mode. Event mode are event based dungeons and stories that are only open for a period of time. Events are important as they always give rare and usable equipment or gems. However, it does take a while to do the events. Events are very huge in BGHS and it might take hours to fully complete. All of that time will be rewarded with good weapons and gems however, so it's a good thing. As events are duration based, players do not have a lack of gem income to get. There is always something new coming in the next event.

The third is arena versus. This mode pits you up against two other plays in a series of minigames. The three minigames are mole whacking, basketball, and star collection. As you enter the arena, there are screenshots that teaches you what the arena is about, even if you can't read Japanese. Matchmaking doesn't matter as stats are usually normalized in arena. While new players may despair at having to go against more experienced players, they can just lock your phone and unlock it to disconnect and reconnect. When you do, your opponents will be controlled by AI. BGHS allows for all three competitors to disconnect and reconnect, and have all three players gain first place.

The last mode is co-op, where three players go up against a mighty boss for loot and profit. The co-op mode lobby is unique in that it has the co-op shop, a special UI to easily switch characters for Co-op, and a menu select. Naturally, you can chat with your party members here.

The Gacha & The Growth.

Being a hero gacha RPG, the game relies on the gacha. New Gachas in the game will often have an assured 4 star if you do the 10+1 draw. You can flick around to see the different gachas and different card/outfits that are in the gacha. If the card would unlock a special BGM, you will be able to hear this bgm when previewing the card in this screen. There is also weapon gacha, which is cheaper but will only draw weapons.

If you receive a duplicate card, the card will automatically be turned into a token. While all tokens can be used to evolve a card to increase rarity, the 4 star token is very important. In game, you may convert a combination of any 4 star or 4 star token that you have in order to obtain a chosen 4 star of your choice. While the 4 star choices here are limited, the cards in the selection is still very usable.

Cards are used in battle, but they can also be equipped to characters as sub cards. Sub cards that share the same weapon type as your main card will allow your character to use the sub card's skill, even if the card is from a different character. Since you can switch skills in the middle of battle, this is important in some late game stages. Leveling up isn't a chore as players will also obtain exp orbs as they play through the game, and these exp orbs can be used at any time to swiftly level up your cards. There is no need to grind for exp in normal battles. With the massive amount of gems you get, along with this system, newbies do not feel discouraged in playing the game.

Aside from character cards, players will also need to manage the weapons. Each weapon has a level, can be crafted and has a rank. You can increase a weapon rank by joining two of the same rank weapons together. Often, A rank weapons are given in events as rewards. You might notice in the second screenshot the color of the bars that the weapon has. Each weapon has a certain probability of how many "notes" are in a single tap. Red means a single note will appear in a tap. Yellow means two notes will appear, and blue means three notes will appear. Generally you will want a multi note weapon as this will allow you to hit faster and build your combo for skills quicker.

Swimming in gems

Why a free 4 star just for logging in this event period? Thanks.

Now, this is something that I have never encountered in any mobile game to date. The amount of content in the game is overwhelming. Each quest in story mode has 3 difficulty modes, and all three difficulties has different subquests and clear counts. You get gems if you complete a quest, and more if you complete the subquest. With over 300 missions, that's easily 1800 gems in normal, 1500 gems in hard, and 500 gems in easy. Daily login and quests award about 9 gems per day. Arena and co-op doesn't give gems by itself, but there are quests that do. Events give an average of 180 gems per event. (grinding required) Head petting give gems via quests.

With no stamina system, you can easily go through the content and get gems as much as you like. I've once just enjoyed 8 hours in this game just farming away on a college holiday.

It doesn't take long before a new player can do 50 pulls, and with some luck and patience in an assured 4 star gacha event, the player is able to progress freely in the game.


10/10. When will there be an English version?

Is there anything wrong about BGHS? Anything bad about it? Well, gacha rates could be better. Some may be put off by the chibi 3d models. Co-op is a little prone to disconnections. Grinding is needed to gain the maximum gems and items from events.

But honestly, those are minor nick picks. I could not wish for a better game to satisfy my action itch. I wish that the game's translated already, so that I may fully indulge in it... Colopl, if you're going to do it, don't remove the live 2d or the 2d art like you did with Shironeko Project.

The game may be downloaded via QooApp.

Check out Reddit for some translations and to learn how to save your account.

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