Battle of Arrow: Review - Horseback Archery Game

Score: 8.5/10

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Battle of Arrow: Review - Horseback Archery Game

Score: 8.5/10


  • Amazing gameplay
  • Multiple bows and crossbows
  • PvE complete with bosses and Raid bosses (guild)
  • PvP is quick, simple and rapid.
  • Limit of two equip able active skills, to be selected from a skill tree
  • Reset able skill tree.
  • No forced ads


  • Timed crate drop system
  • Slightly pay to win as higher rarity equipment provide bonus passive stats

Battle of Arrow is a great first person shooter, archer on horseback game. The game's combat system is simple, two players ride their horses side by side, and they fight each other via bow and arrow.

To notch the arrow, players pull back on their screen, which activates the zoom in mechanic. The more the target is zoomed in, the higher the damage. Aiming is done via gyroscope controls, and they are perfectly usable without changing any settings. Since you and your opponent are on horseback, aiming isn't easy as your opponent position changes throughout the match. In addition to this, getting hit will disorientate your aim for a second, and if your opponent hits your horse head, your aim will shake for a good few seconds.

There are many combat strategies to go into the game. First is the option of bow or crossbow. Both deal almost similar DPS, with crossbow having a long reload time but two shots, and the bow having one shot but higher damage. The active skills that the player chooses are also vital to victory, as some equipment will boost the effects of these skills. Skills can vary from recovering health, speeding up your horse or firing elemental arrows.

Out of combat, the game monetizes via loot boxes. Akin to Clash Royale chest drop, Battle of Arrow uses 5 chest slots, with 3, 8 and 12 hour open times. Equipment rarity range from common to legendary, and are color coded for convenience. The equipment system does not have an auto equip option, but it does have an up and down arrows to help players choose the best equipment. These equipment can be upgraded in levels and rarity.

The game also features costumes with stats, with players choosing to show or hide each individual costume part. Costumes can not be upgraded or increased in rarity.

In conclusion, Battle of Arrow is a fun and innovative game that gives players the full sense of horseback archery. With progression, PvE, Raids and PvP, there's no short measure of content for the players to go through. While the game may be pay to win, player skill is often what decides the victor of the match.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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