Beat Your Friend in a Stock Market Face-Off in Little Traders 2

A free iOS stock market trading game.

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Beat Your Friend in a Stock Market Face-Off in Little Traders 2

Game company Tradimo Interactive has launched a new game for those interested in stock investment. The game is free to play and available on the Apple App store. Named 'Little Traders 2', it simulates the conditions of real stock trading situations.

This second edition of the game is set in a retro 1920s environment, complete with pixelated graphics and a jazzy soundtrack. This time, you'll be able to play with an opponent and square off with your investment skills.

Just like the real stock market, you'll experience ups and downs, so your victory depends on making the correct decisions of when to buy and sell to maximize profits. The real attraction in this game is the battle mode, which let's you challenge friends to a round of buying and selling. This mode isn't found in the original Little Traders game made for Android, so it's a treat for players. here's a sneak peek of how you play the game.

The more you make at the stockmarket, the higher you'll climb in society, so let you ambitions take flight!

Cover image via Pookybox

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