Become a Powerful Mob Boss in 'Goon Squad'

From one of the oldest game developers comes a classic game.

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Become a Powerful Mob Boss in 'Goon Squad'

Atari Games is the name behind some of our best loved video games like Pac Man, Doom, Paperboy and EVE Online. Their latest release is a mobile game called 'Goon Squad'.

In this game, players will have to take over the underground mob scene in their city via a series of head to head battles , as well as carefully planned strategy. Part social game, part card collection and part town defense, there's a lot to keep players occupied.

Characters, skills, weapons and others can be collected in card form with more available the higher you level up. After choosing your characters, you'll be able to go head to head with other players in real time to defend your turf.

Here are some other features you can expect in the game:

  • Building your family business
  • Scoreboards for players around the world
  • 4 Player arenas in a battle to the end
  • Defend and attack bases
  • Play slot machines to gain more cards
  • Various mini games 

Goon Squad is now available for free on both iTunes and Google Play so download it as its another free game to add to your collection.

Cover image via this Youtube video

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